Thursday, April 29, 2010

More old music and my longest post yet

the pets, the pets are coming!
and the storm house has a secret cave
and so does the ice house, but that is not very secret
I didn't know this
and now I do
not very musical, that's Zachary for ... ... YA'LL
thank you KI!
my useless pixie will no longer be useless
and my guardian dragon will be AWESOMER
Sadly, I am not a subscriber and I have not bought crowns in the last 30 days, so I can't go to the test realm *sniff* *sniff* but I can blog and I am going to go buy some crowns so yay!
but you MUST comment and tell me your favorite pet, or Zachary will unleash the power of ice upon you!!!!!!!! (whoa, I really had to think about how to say that)
This is one of my longest posts ever! (even though it is filled with random stuffish)

Now for some serious(ish) blogging, Yeah!!!
so, Zachary is very forgetful, I have that book quest, and I have defeated all those tiresome bosses all over again, but I keep forgetting to read the books, *screams, glass breaks* sorry about the violence, okay, so I finally finished that quest(I did all the bosses AGAIN) *sigh* and I got awesome boots(dropped) a nice ring and a nice athame, so now I have over 1500 health and over 100 mana!!! Yeah!!!
I was going to add some awesome pictures to this post, but the computer with wizard101 and all the pictures died, and I am writing this on a really old laptop and it actually burned me, *gasp* how could anything BURN the master of ice! Yeah, I know, ice is weak to fire, but fire is weak to ice, right everyone! So, Yeah!!!
little party with four people over in Angela's awesomely decorated dorm, and I switched back from that cool armor to my battle clothes.
thanks to all my friends on wizard101, especially Christopher Deathsmith and Wolf D. (can't remember what his full last name is)
I wish they were reading this, but they probably are not, as this is not a popular blog.
I really hope people tell me about their pets.
Happy Dueling, ya'll

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