Sunday, May 23, 2010

ICE in pvp

I think you will like this, a mostly true story by me, Zachary Skywielder, level 20 ice wizard
One day I was in a 4v4 pvp frenzy, with a few of my wizardly friends. We were on an amazing winning streak, but then everyone else got bored, and went to go level, but I was DONE with leveling, so I stayed to 2v2 with people who weren't on my friends list. I was in a battle with a level 3 fire wizard on my side and I was against TWO life wizards, both of them about level 15, while I am a level twenty. So I thought we had a slim chance of winning, but it might be possible, but then the fire wizard fled, and I wasn't all that hopeful...
and then I remembered that I was from the ice school, this was what Professor Greyrose had taught me to do, take the damage and chisel away, but it isn't easy for a level twenty ice wiz to take down two life wizards fast enough in succession that they can't heal each other, so I used the smarts I have inherited from my godfather, Kelvin, and I formulated a different strategy, one that was never intended to be used in the art of dueling, I intended to wait until they ran out of cards and then, then I would emerge victorious, and so I cast three seven power pip ice armors upon myself, and four tower shields,...
and I waited, then, a bug, death spells got through the tiny gaps in my armor, and to repair the damage done by the deadly banshee, I casted two vampires, refilling my health globe and badly injuring one of my opponents, setting the duel back to my favor. But then one of the crafty life wizards realized my plan, and began passing. Worried, I used every one of my damage spells to force them to heal and throw down their cards, but it was barely enough, I had lost all three of my powerful ice armor spells, and I was down to under one thousand health, and then, they both only had one card left, and if they both used their cards, the day would be mine, anger filling them, the first summoned a wraith from the depths of the earth, and the second opened portals into deep space, letting in meteors which struck my armor and my pet, weakening us both, but we survived, the duel ended, we had beaten the opposing wizards! Giving my pet some of the health that I received when the battle was completed, I congratulated the opposing students on their patience, sitting and passing for a half an hour before they finally gave in. After adding each other to our friends lists, we headed back out into the spiral to save Krokotopia and defeat the evil Krokotillians in their sandy domain.
Hope you liked it at least a little bit, hoped you read it,
Zachary Skywielder -

See ya'll in the spiral
P.S. send a message to ravenwood radio ( telling them about this and ask them to put it in their episode! :)

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  1. Haha, well I definitely got a kick out of reading this, Zachary!

    I remember my first PVP being somewhat similar to this, at least in the thought process. Lower levels will have smaller decks, so almost naturally, "Outlasting" just drops in our strategy like snowflakes falling, piece by piece, until it covers our arena ignorance.

    May I suggest that you head over to Mindy Pixiecrown, head left where you'll find a door, and order (for one training point) a lesson from Madam Farseer about the card [Reshuffle]. What this does, when used, is take all the cards you've discarded or used and places them back in the Draw pile. Keep in mind, this doesn't mean cards that fizzled; fizzled cards actually go back into the Draw pile automatically. So, if you're down to your last card and you fizzle, you get another chance to cast it! If you do learn Reshuffle, I recommend putting them in at least two slots in your PVP deck. Heck, put some in your PVE decks too, they can help if you are having trouble with a boss while soloing. Sorry about the length of this section...I just get passionate and descriptive when it comes to Arena :)

    As for this story being on Ravenwood Radio...well, I can tell you that it won't be ignored...but I can't say when it may show up. As our Professor reiterates: Patience!

    Thanks for the read and memories!