Wednesday, May 5, 2010

krok krok

Somehow, I got a level 25+ drop from Edo Nirini over in Krok, and the drop was plus 112 max health and ice only, well, that is about 100 less health than my equipped robe, which is level 15+ ice only. ?????????????? what is going on here?
Anyway, I sold it for lots of cash, and now I have over 5000 gold *lack of applause and awkward silence* *sigh*, so that is very happy, and I hate this laptop, the original world data took 45 minutes to load and the commons took about a half hour, anyway, let's see if I can get a few pictures up here.
... ...
... ... ...

the cannon game, shoot your pet at a target today!!!!!!
my new dragon mount is invisible
we got new crowns items
my pets are roaming around my storm house!!!!!
aah!!!!! giant red behemoth!!


  1. Well, we don't know what type of drop it is; you didn't say. Anyway, they do that so things aren't overpowered. Imagine at level 30 they had a robe with the stats of the Ice level 50 robe. They do this all for a reason.

  2. it is an any school drop
    I'm saying that higher level equipment usually is more powerful than lower level equipment, in this case, that was far from true, hence my confusion, though it really doesn't matter to me.