Thursday, June 3, 2010

500 hits and ravenwood radio, glitch

I have 300 hits! yay
I know, not a lot, but really, I got a new hit counter when I had 200, so...
so, now about wizard101
I went to the ravenwood radio party after the last episode and *squeak* I got a screenshot of leesha and fallon, I know, it doesn't seem all that great, but for me it is AWESOME, AND NOW I CAN BRAG TO MY FRIENDS
here you are
just one thing, I couldn't find Stephen, maybe he wasn't there?
fallon and leesha got totally smothered by the crowd

near my left in the dress is fallon, to the right is leesha

oh, yeah, awesome glitch with the school towers, if you walk around near the desks in them for awhile, you will go up to the shelf above, and from there you can get your pet up to the ledge above that, experiment with it, here are some screenshots
no, you don't need to mark location to get back up, they didn't know, these are all taken with my alt, hence the low stats
so far, the life school is easiest and the only other one I could get myth, nice candles, too, notice that cyclops up there? that is what I was talking about
there is that cyclops again

now I feel like I am forgetting something, hmmm...
well, go ice, see all ya'll in the spiral,
Zachary Skywielder

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