Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Puppies are SO cute

yep, hey, is there ANY way to get a black hound, so I can name them shadow and have them look exactly like my real puppy? Probably not, so, anyway, my accounts are all messed up, when I log onto my main account, I get an error message, and when I log on to my alt. account it logs me on to my main account.
so, no we need to talk about wizard101, right?
so I have been missing parties and all that, and I have a new alt who is just starting out in krok (they are theurgist, life) and my main has been running around doing absolutely nothing, you know, I just don't get how I can spend so much time and gold/crowns and get so little accomplished.
that's all I have for today
thanks for reading
see ya'll in the spiral
Zachary Skywielder

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