Tuesday, June 8, 2010

yelp! Aika

and, I haven't been posting or playing wizard101 because,
I was playing a new open beta game called Aika, which is very similar to wizard except
1.gender specific classes (grr)
2.non-wizard classes (warrior, paladin, and RIFLEMAN AND DUAL GUNNER!
3.how to you change this crazy and impossible camera angle!!!!!!!!
so, yep, it is hard to walk and hard to see but the graphics are NICE
oh, yeah, the quests are impossible and confusing because...
1. there is no handy quest arrow
2. to review the dialog you have to go through a long and boring process of clicky clicky
3. NOTHING is labeled, to find a shop for example, you go into all the buildings until someone is standing in one with the title of "gem vendor" or something like that
all free though
weeeeeeeell, go ice
Zachary Skywielder
aka Zakary the lvl 1 warlock
and... so I could try the paladin with these gender specific classes
Llewellia, the lvl 1 paladin

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