Sunday, September 26, 2010

dragonspyre is going down down down

I OWNED parts of dragonspyre over the past few days completing the tree of life, cyrus drake, the tower archives, and the plaza of conquests in two days. In addition to all the questing, I spent 48,000 gold on level 45 gear, I could have bought a mount or a really nice house for that! I probably should have bought crowns gear, but with celestia coming soon, it wouldn't be a long time investment.
well, here are the pics
the trap teacher was seriously burnt

grand chasm, now for the past
it's a grand chasm(wiz city noob), the chasm is grand(epic guy from celestia who is stuck up), grand is the chasm(me), grand the chasm is(yoda)
oh, and if you ask why isaac newton is in the background, I was working on a school project(sigh)

so, remember to own those lame ice bosses,
zachary skywielder

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