Monday, October 11, 2010

buckbeak mount for real?(certain boy wizard)

hey, everyone is all hyped about celestia, so i wanted to talk about something else, namely a certain boy wizard getting to involved in the wiz community, so, if you check out the gift card page at the official site you will notice there is a coming soon $39 gamestop giftcard. What does this mean? Is someone at KI messing with our minds, hence the strange amount, or will there soon be a griffin mount(buckbead is a griffin) for all us wizards, and besides all this talk, i found a guy named jack frost whose uncle supposedly works for KI and has gifted me seraph wings and several 0f my real life friends sharks, i know one person in real life who got gifted cerulean edge, shark, and three overlord sets from this guy! so if you want maybe i can try and hook you up with him, especially with all the new mounts coming out, so, comment if you are interested or email me and
get those griffins rolling,


  1. Oh boy! This sounds great! HOOK ME UP!!! You can contact me at and we can figure something out. :D Thanks for telling us this!!

    Cya in the spiral :D

  2. Maybe you know the answer to my question. I saw a person on a griffin mount today. I think its the coolest mount i have ever seen and would really like to know where i can get one. Do you have any idea where i might be able to get one?